Completed Construction Projects


South Village Crossing (SoVi)
The new South Village dining hall opened in January 2015 and offers an Asian station with a Teppanyaki grill (Japanese-style iron griddle); a Euro station with two Evo grills (round cook tops that offer a healthy cooking method and social interaction with the chef); an Italian area that will serve pasta, pizza and other favorites from two gas-fired ovens; a deli with hearth oven for toasted sandwiches and melts; an extensive salad bar where proteins can be ordered custom made and sizzling hot to top your leafy greens; and more choices than ever available for vegans, vegetarians and those with certain dietary restrictions (such as gluten sensitivity).

Laurel Hall
Laurel Hall is a new suite-style building in South Village that offers groups of freshmen the opportunity to share living and bathroom space in two-person or single-person bedroom units. Laurel Hall offers 2, 3 and 4 bedroom suites.


Martin Hall
Martin Hall opened in August 2014. Martin Hall is the newest addition to Housing and Residence Life. The building is an all apartment-style building with beds for 408 students, primarily upperclassmen. Martin Hall is located in East Village.


Alumni Way
Alumni Way, previously named High Rise Road, is now open. Alumni Way connects to Cameron Blvd. in front of the Alumni House.

Belk Hall
Belk Hall opened August 2013. Belk Hall is located in North Village and houses 426 students, primarily upperclassmen. Belk Hall offers a blend of apartments and suite units. The common areas feature study rooms, casual lounges and community ktichens throughout the building.

Hunt Hall
Hunt Hall opened August 2013. Hunt Hall is located in South Village and houses 400 students, primarily Freshmen. Hunt Hall is an all-suite building, featuring conveniently placed study rooms, lounges, an atrium and courtyard.

South Village Parking Deck
The new parking deck opened in August 2013 and is located in South Village. The parking deck has 6 levels of parking that offer 1247 parking spaces (including 23 handicap accessible spaces). There are three sets of stairs and two elevators within the deck.


Miltimore Hall
Miltimore Hall opened in August 2011. Miltimore Hall is located in North Village and houses 426 students, primarily upperclassmen. Miltimore Hall is the first LEED Certified (eco-friendly) residence hall at UNC Charlotte. Miltimore Hall features study rooms, casual lounges and community kitchens throughout the building.