Resident Advisor Job Description

The Resident Advisor (RA) position is one of the most important leadership positions a student can hold at UNC Charlotte. As a RA you will be responsible for creating community and a home away from home for our students. Primary responsibilities include getting to know each person in your community so you can be an effective peer helper when needed. Additionally you will focus most of your time on creating a community where everyone feels valued, safe and able to excel as a student.

General Responsibilities


  • Provide overall leadership to residents
  • Role model academic success skills
  • Serve as a resource person by referring students to academic and student success resources on campus

Community Development

  • Build a positive and inclusive community
  • Get to know each resident through individual 1/1 meetings
  • Organize community building and social activities
  • Assist students in getting connected to campus organizations
  • Assist the Residence Education Coordinator with executing educational events

Helping Skills

  • Assist student with personal, academic and transition concerns
  • Encourage a cooperative and considerate living environment
  • Help resolve roommate or group conflicts that may arise
  • Participate in the hall duty rotation (including weekends and some break periods) in your assigned residential area where you will respond to resident needs, facilities concerns and emergencies


  • Attend weekly meetings, departmental functions, and RA training sessions
  • Assist with opening and closing the residence hall each semester
  • Complete a weekly facilities check of assigned area
  • Assist with special events like Explore and Admitted Students Days
  • Submit reports as requested
  • Other duties as assigned

While it is understood that the RA position cannot easily be translated into hours worked per day or week because of the unique nature of the responsibilities, the position requires a genuine personal commitment and a firm understanding of the varying demands of the actual time involved. As such, RAs need to be in their assigned hall/area a minimum of 20 quality hours per week, especially during the hours of 5:00 pm - 12:00 am. Quality hours can be defined as, but not be limited to time spent getting to know your residents, hosting social and community building events, addressing resident and community concerns and attending staff training or participating in committees or staff meetings. Time Commitment

Other Commitments RAs are encouraged to participate in the life of the campus and community; however, no commitment should interfere with responsibilities of being a successful student or with the duties of the RA position. RAs are not permitted to work any hours outside of the RA position, on or off campus, during the period of employment. Additionally, RAs are not permitted to hold select campus leadership positions because of the significant time conflicts and/or the potential for conflicts of interest (see the Work Agreement for additional details). When conflicts arise between RA responsibilities and non-academic work, RA responsibilities take priority.


• Develop leadership skills that   employers want

 Learn teamwork skills through event planning and support
Learn how to respond and manage crisis situations
Improve communication skills
Learn how to effectively confront peers
Gain experience working with a diverse group of people



• Compensation for assigned housing, basic cable and Internet
• $2,000 money-in-pocket (per semester, divided in monthly paychecks)
• $300 per semester (credited to student account) to be applied towards a meal plan
• These amounts are prorated if you are hired after the semester move-in date or vacate the position prior to the end of the work agreement.


Occasionally, the compensation received by RAs has an impact on financial aid. As such, we encourage you to familiarize yourself with your individual financial aid status and contact your assigned Assistant Director in the Financial Aid Office if you have questions. The Financial Aid Office is located in Reese 122 Building and can be reached by telephone at 704-687-5504.