Conference Housing

Intern Housing


What is Intern Housing?
Intern Housing is a low cost, temporary housing option available to current students across the country completing internships in the Charlotte area. To be eligible for Intern Housing, the student must have been enrolled for the spring 2017 term at a college or university, and be employed in a summer internship, job or co-operative education program.

Where is Intern Housing?
Interns will be staying in Wallis Hall in 4-bedroom, single-gender apartments. Each apartment is air-conditioned and includes four 1-person bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, a kitchen and a living/dining area. The kitchen has a full sized refrigerator and oven/stove. The living/dining room has a sofa, TV stand and small kitchen table and 4 chairs. Each bedroom has an adjustable height, 80 inch twin-sized bed, closet, desk, desk chair and a 2-drawer dresser.

Where is UNC Charlotte located?
UNC Charlotte is located in northeast Charlotte, conveniently off of North Tryon, I-85 and I-485. It is less than 10 miles and around 30 minutes (depending on traffic) from Center City (Uptown). The campus address is 9201 University City Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28223. Click here for a map of the campus.

Will I be considered a UNC Charlotte student?
Though you will not officially be a UNC Charlotte student, you may have access to many of the same resources as UNC Charlotte students, such as getting a UNC Charlotte ID, a UNC Charlotte parking pass, access to dining facilities, and on campus events. 

When can I arrive? When do I have to check out?
Intern Housing opens Sunday, May 21 at 12:00 PM. Intern Housing closes Saturday, August 5 at 12:00 PM. However, you are able to choose your specific dates within that timeframe. If you elect to check-in after May 21, you may check-in between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM any day. Check-in will take place at Belk Hall, 562 on a campus map. (PLEASE NOTE THOUGH THAT YOU WILL BE LIVING IN WALLIS HALL, 545 on a campus map).

What is the cost?
The rate for Intern Housing is $27.25/contracted night. (If you are a UNC Charlotte department and paying for your interns’ housing, please contact Jennifer Hamblin directly for special rates).

What if I need housing before May 21 or after August 5?
Due to the spring semester and fall semester schedule of UNC Charlotte, we cannot offer Intern Housing outside of the designated dates (May 21-August 5).

Is a deposit required, and what does it cover?
There is a $150 deposit to reserve your space that will be credited toward your rent. However, if you cancel your reservation after April 1, 2017, you will forfeit the deposit. If you cancel your reservation after arrival, you will be responsible for 30 days’ worth of stay, regardless of your actual length of stay.

How do I change my check-in or check-out date after I’ve completed my application?
Please notify Jennifer Hamblin in writing at of any changes in your housing requests or arrangements. You are able to change your check-in or check-out date until June 1 or your check in date, whichever comes first. After that, all check-in and check-out dates are considered final. Full payment is due by no later than July 1. 

When is payment due?
Prior to arrival and when you check-in, you will receive an invoice for your entire stay. You may pay the entire invoice at that time or make regular payments based on your own schedule. However, your invoice balance must be paid off by NO LATER than JULY 1, 2017, regardless of check-in date. Failure to pay could result in removal from Intern Housing, as well as notification to your internship and/or host institution.

How do I pay?
To submit your $150 deposit, or to make online payments, follow the instructions here. After your arrival, you can also pay with cash or check at the Belk Hall desk, between 9:00 AM and 9:00 PM. 

What does rent cover?
Housing rates are inclusive, covering all costs for room rent, utilities, cable TV connection and Internet connectivity. However, it does not cover parking expenses. If you plan on bringing a car to campus, you will need a parking permit.

a. What about room phones?
UNC Charlotte no longer provides students with individual, room phone lines. Public phones are available to make local calls or to utilize a calling card in common areas of the building. Students may choose to use cellular phones for their personal needs. However, please note that within the building, cellular reception is unpredictable.

b. What about Internet?
Housing and Residence Life understands the demands of daily life and that having reliable, consistent internet access is a high demand for a thriving, overall housing experience. In addition to traditional wired internet connections, every room in each of our residential buildings is wireless. For the fastest and most reliable internet, you will need a RJ-45 Ethernet cable to connect to the wall jack. However, wireless internet is also available for your mobile devices. Personal wireless routers are not needed to connect to the wireless internet. Using a personal wireless router will not help with internet speed or give additional internet protection, and are prohibited from use. For questions about your internet service, or to report an issue with your service, contact Korcett at 800-379-3729.

c. What about cable?
Cable TV service is available and included in intern housing rent rates. However, you must provide your own television and cable cord. A list of provided channels can be found here. TVs must be digital cable ready with a QAM tune in order to access UNC Charlotte’s digital cable. Please verify that your TV has this capability prior to your arrival to campus. Unfortunately at this time, those in intern housing are not eligible to utilize online versions of these channels. 

How do I apply?
You can complete the Intern Housing application/contract online, as well as submit your deposit. An application and deposit must be received for an application to be considered complete. Applications are processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

How many people live in Intern Housing?
Space for Intern Housing is limited to approximately 250 students. Once space is filled, a waiting list will be generated, which typically occurs in late April. Confirmation of housing availability will be decided based on date of completed application. If you have specific housing or roommate requests, please submit your application early. Housing room assignments will be made in by no later than May 15.

How do I request a roommate?
On the application, there is an option to request a roommate. Every effort is made to honor roommate requests if all roommates have completed applications (including the $150 deposit), all requests are mutual and space is available. The University will not accommodate roommate requests based on a preference of a certain race, age, religion, sexual orientation, national origin or disability.

What are the legal obligations and policies regarding Intern Housing?
Completing the Intern Housing Application indicates that you have read and agree to the terms of the contract, commits you to payment for lodging and agree to abide by the University of North Carolina at Charlotte regulations. A copy of the contract can be found here.

Major Policy Highlights
All participants are expected to follow residential policies. These policies are available in the Residential Handbook located online. However, the following violations may result in an intern’s immediate removal from housing.

  1. Possessing firearms anywhere in the residential area.
  2. Intentionally setting a fire, intentionally causing any false fire alarms, vandalizing or tampering with any fire alarm or fire protection equipment, violating requirements concerning the use of certain electrical equipment and/or appliances.
  3. Abusing or misusing elevator equipment.
  4. Intentionally throwing or dropping objects from windows or balconies in any residence hall, suite or apartment.
  5. Intentionally standing, sitting or walking on window ledges or balcony railings; intentionally placing objects on the window ledges or balcony railings that might fall and injure someone below.
  6. Intentionally passing any part of the body through the window; intentionally climbing in or out of any window for the purpose of entering or exiting a room.
  7. Possession or use of any controlled substance identified in Schedule I and II (N.C. General Statutes 90-89 or 90-90).
  8. Possessing, storing, and/or using ammunition, gasoline, kerosene, similar combustible materials, and/or any explosives anywhere in the residential area.

Do I need a parking pass if I bring my car?
All cars brought on campus must have a parking decal provided by Parking Services. Rates for summer 2017 passes are not yet available, but rates for summer 2016 were:

  • May 21 – August 5: $185
  • May 21 – July 2: $110
  • July 2 – August 5: $110

Information regarding how to purchase a summer 2017 parking pass will be made available by late spring semester. Please contact Jennifer Hamblin until then if you have specific questions.

  • Visitor Passes - You can also pay for a daily pass for yourself or for visiting guests. It is $6 per day, if you purchase them directly from Parking Services. Parking Services office is open from 7:30 AM - 5:00 PM, Monday-Friday.
  • Visitor Parking Decks - Parking is also available in the visitor parking decks located at the South Village Deck, the Cone Deck or the Student Union Deck. The rate is $1 per half hour with a maximum of $10 per day.

When you arrive on campus, you may wish to park temporarily to unload your vehicle. Please know that if you unload your vehicle and you are not parked in a parking space with a parking permit, you may receive a parking ticket. Please contact Parking Services at 704-687-0161 if you need to temporarily park in a loading/unloading zone.

Is there public transportation available?
UNC Charlotte is served by two Charlotte bus lines: #29 which goes to South Charlotte or the Southpark area, and #11U which goes down North Tryon to center city area (Uptown). Interns can buy discounted bus passes from our Parking Services office. 

In addition, Zipcar U™ offers qualified drivers (ages 18+) vehicles to rent at a low hourly or daily rate. Price includes gas and insurance. Paying only for the time you actually use a car can save a bundle over ownership!

There is a light rail being built on UNC Charlotte’s campus that will service the center city area of Charlotte, but it will unfortunately not be functional until August of 2017.

Are there dining options available?
For information about food services on campus, see the Dining Services web page. Information about dining options for interns may become available in late spring of 2017.

How do I do laundry?
There are laundry rooms located on the 2nd, 3rd and 4th floors of Wallis Hall. Laundry is $1.25 to wash and $0.75 to dry.

Can I use the University gym or recreational facilities?
You are eligible to use any of the outdoor recreational facilities on the campus, such as the tennis courts, outdoor basketball courts, running trails, etc. As an intern living on campus, you may also purchase a Gold Nugget membership to the Fitness Center, located in the Barnhardt Student Activity Center (SAC). The Gold membership gives you access to indoor recreation courts, a climbing wall, indoor track, fitness center, and group fitness classes. To purchase the Gold Nugget membership, you will need to get a UNC Charlotte ID by going to the ID office on campus located in the Student Union. Once you have a UNC Charlotte ID, contact Melissa Barnett at in the basement of the Barnhardt Student Activity Center (SAC). Once you have purchased the membership, you will need to bring your University issued ID each time you wish to use the facility so that the student staff can check you in.

Is the campus safe?
Officers from Police and Public Safety patrol the campus and are available to respond to calls 24 hours a day. In an emergency situation affecting the safety of University residents or property, the police should be notified at 704‑687‑2200 (or 7-2200 from a campus phone). UNC Charlotte has installed over 300 "blue light phones" throughout the campus. These phones connect directly to the Police and Public Safety Department and may be used at any time. However, Intern Housing residents will be residing in a highly populated environment and need to exercise basic precautions to enhance their safety. The University encourages all persons to keep room doors locked at all times; travel in groups from location to location, especially at night; ensure outside doors are secure; use lighted sidewalks; and report any and all suspicious happenings/persons to conference staff and/or Police and Public Safety.

What do I need to do before I arrive on campus?

  1. Verify your check-in and check-out dates are correct.
  2. Check out our “what to bring to campus” page to decide what to pack.
  3. Coordinate purchase of a parking permit (more information on this soon)
  4. If your schedule allows, it is strongly encouraged you arrive 1 business day prior to your first day of work (to get your parking pass, University ID, get an optional gym membership, etc), and otherwise get yourself settled in. Contact Jennifer Hamblin if you have challenges with doing this. 

What is there to do in Charlotte?
There are a number of activities and events available during the summer in Charlotte, including Speed Street-Street Festival, Blumenthal Performing Arts Theater, Carowinds Amusement Park, U.S. National Whitewater Center, Concord Mills Outlet Mall, concerts and sports events at the BB&T Ballpark, Fillmore Charlotte, Time Warner Cable Arena, and the PNC Music Pavilion, NASCAR Hall of Fame, the on-campus movie theater, and a number of on campus activities just to name a few. There are many things to do in Charlotte and we encourage you to explore the city and the surrounding areas. 

How do I cancel my application?
Please notify us in writing at of any changes in your housing requests or arrangements. If you decide at some point that you won’t need housing, you must cancel your Intern Housing contract promptly so we can serve those on the wait list. As a reminder, cancellations received after April 1 will result in forfeiture of the $150 deposit.  Guests who choose to cancel their reservation after arrival will be responsible for the cost of 30 days stay, regardless of actual length stayed.

What if I need something repaired in my room during my stay?
You can submit a maintenance request, or if it requires service after hours, contact Housing 24-hour Conference Desk at 704-687-5576. 

What if I have additional questions?
Please contact or Jennifer Hamblin, Assistant Director for Guest Operations, at 704-687-7539 if you have any questions or concerns.