Graduate Assistant Position(s)


What does a typical work week look like for a Housing GA?
The work week varies depending on the time of year, but usually consists of office hours where you are available to residents and RAs, standard paperwork, conduct meetings and committee meetings. Most weeks GAs work 20 hours a week, but it may be more and it may be less, depending upon the week and what projects have going.

How many positions are available?
We have eight graduate assistantships in Housing and Residence Life and typically need to fill three or four of these positions each year.

How does the interview process work?
Applications will go through an initial screening starting April 3. Qualified candidates will then be invited to participate in a round of phone interviews. After phone interviews, successful candidates will be invited to interview in person. Hiring decisions are finalized in May and June.

When will I find out if I have been chosen for the position?
Priority application review will begin on April 3. If you submit your application by then, you will be contacted about your status quickly. However, the selection process may continue into late May. Your application will be screened to determine basic eligibility and to identify the skills and experiences you have that best match the qualifications we have identified. You may then be invited to participate in a phone interview for the position. Following the phone interview, you may be invited to campus for an interview, where you can expect a 30‐minute introductory meeting, two 45‐minute interviews and a 30‐minute closing meeting for any final questions. In most years, interviews occur mid‐April through mid‐May. Please note that not all candidates will be invited to interview. We typically receive more applications than we have positions available and cannot meet with all interested applicants.

How does supervision work? Who do I supervise? And who supervises me?
As a Residential GA you would work with and be supervised by a Residence Coordinator. The two of you would share in supervision of a Resident Advisor staff. As an Administrative GA, you would work with and be supervised by an Assistant Director.

If I do not live close to UNC Charlotte can I still apply? And how does the interview process change?
Absolutely! Candidates for our positions come from outside of North Carolina and sometimes, the United States. Candidates who are invited for a campus interview, but do not live in or around Charlotte can opt to have an additional telephone interview. The logistics of the interview will be worked out with each candidate selected to interview for the position.

If I am an international student can I still apply? And how does the interview process change?
International students are encouraged to apply! The process would look the same, depending on the candidate’s current location (in Charlotte, or out of town). If you are currently in town, you could be invited to campus, and if not, the process would be conducted via phone.

Who can I contact for help with the application?
Please direct questions to Stephanie Booker via email at hrlrecruitment@uncc.edu or by phone at 704-687-7501.

What is the difference between an Administrative GA and a Residential GA?
Residential GAs are assigned to work with a specific residence hall staff team. Additionally, Residential GAs are required to live on campus in a provided staff apartment and to participate in the emergency response duty rotation covering all of the on campus residence halls. Administrative GAs coordinate year‐round projects and services that typically involve work with all, not just one, of our residence hall staff teams. Administrative GAs are not required to live on campus or participate in the emergency response duty rotation.

What aspects of my resume should I highlight in my cover letter?
You should highlight any housing experience you may have had as well as any work you have done with students, such as being an orientation leader or camp counselor, and any leadership positions you have held.

What qualities are you looking for in a candidate?
We are looking for candidates that have a genuine passion for the position and interest in Student Affairs. Candidates need to be dedicated, professional, organized, flexible with scheduling (working some nights and weekends is required), as well as having an appreciation for diversity.

When is training and what is it like?
All new GAs will participate in a week‐long orientation program beginning Monday, July 13, 2015. There are also two weekend retreats for which to plan. The first is the typically the last weekend of July (ProStaff Retreat) and the other is the second weekend of August (RA Camp).