Freshman Experience

Wallis Hall

Wallis Hall was designed with the help of students, and offers both suite-style and apartment-style living. Common kitchens, for residents of Wallis' suites, and laundry facilities are available on the second through fourth floors (no more hiking up and down the stairs with those dirty clothes!). Vending machines are available on the first floor. Wallis Hall also has study lounges and classrooms on each floor, not to mention a great courtyard! Apartments in Wallis Hall have four private bedrooms, one- and- a- half bathrooms, a living room, a kitchen and a storage closet.

Scott Hall

[ Scott Hall will be CLOSED for the 2017/2018 school year, for renovations. ]

Scott Hall is a freshmen-only tower building in South Village that fosters a close-knit community of students who reside in two-person rooms and share living and bathroom space with their neighbors on the floor. A floor lounge is shared by all residents and laundry facilities and a kitchen are available in the basement with vending on the first floor. The Housing and Residence Life main office is located on the first floor of Scott Hall.

Sanford Hall

Sanford Hall is located right by South Village Crossing, the newest Dining Hall. Sanford Hall has all traditional style rooms. A hall bathroom is shared by no more than twelve residents and a floor lounge is shared by all residents. Laundry facilities and a kitchen are available in the basement, and vending is available on the first floor.

Oak Hall

Oak Hall is close to the academic center of campus and gives students quick access to classes, the Student Union and the Student Activity Center. Oak Hall suites have two double bedrooms, a bathroom and a living room. Laundry, vending and kitchen facilities are located on the first floor.

The 2015 renovation work gave Oak Hall two new elevators, accessible bedrooms and a brand new HVAC system.


Miltimore Hall

Miltimore Hall features both suite and apartment style units and has study rooms and amenities available throughout the building. While a meal plan is required for residents choosing suite style accommodations, all of our apartments feature a full kitchen and an optional meal plan. Miltimore Hall is LEED certified meaning that the design, construction and use of the building have met independently established criteria for eco-friendliness. As such, this building represents UNC Charlotte’s commitment to be greener.

Lynch Hall

C.F. Lynch Hall houses approximately 500 students and is reserved for new students, many of whom will be enrolled in Learning Communities. Lynch Hall is suite-style living with 4 students sharing a bathroom and living room. Most suites have single bedrooms (no roommate) with a limited number available with double bedrooms (with one roommate). There are lounges/study rooms and laundry facilities available on each floor. The first floor features two classrooms, a large community room, a vending area and a kitchen for all to share.

Levine Hall

The newest residential building, named in honor of Sandra and Leon Levine, opened in 2016. In addition to more than 400 students, Levine Hall will house students of the Levine Scholars Program and the Honors College, as well as administrative offices for the two programs. Student work-study areas, faculty work stations, private one-on-one spaces and adjacent seminar spaces that can be combined for large functions will be some of the many features of this new building.

Laurel Hall

Laurel Hall is a new suite-style building in South Village that offers groups of freshmen the opportunity to share living and bathroom space in two-person or single-person bedroom units. Laurel Hall offers 2, 3 and 4 bedroom suites.

Hunt Hall

Hunt Hall is a suite-style option in South Village. Hunt Hall features conveniently placed study rooms, lounges, an atrium, a welcoming courtyard and many other amenities. Hunt Hall also houses the 24-hour loan key desk for the south side of campus.


Holshouser Hall

This newly reconfigured tower is available to all students and is located in South Village. Holshouser Hall offers traditional-style doubles featuring two private bathrooms for every three rooms, and suites with two double-occupancy bedrooms, a living room and bathroom.