Personalizing Your Room

We encourage our residents to make their living spaces their own. This is where you will most likely sleep, eat, study and play during the coming months! To help you determine what is, as well as, what is not allowed in our Residence Halls, we have compiled this list.

Paint Policy  |  Loft Policy  |  Appliance Policy  |  Appliance Rental  |  Storage Policy

Students are not permitted to paint their rooms, either personal bedrooms or living rooms, dining areas or kitchens of any apartment or suite. The presence of carpet necessitates professional skills and precautions. The only exception to this policy is the painting of approved murals in public areas of a building, and only with the approval of the Associate Director for Operations. Please contact our Facilities Services Department for more information.

Loft construction is approved for our tower buildings only. When constructing a loft, the following guidelines apply and must be followed:

  • Must be freestanding (not fastened to walls or ceilings);
  • Must be structurally able to safely support student(s);
  • Must not block doorways;
  • Must be designed so that removal of permanent room furniture will not be required;
  • Must be located in such a manner as to allow repair of heating/cooling units, windows, etc.;
  • Must be at least 3 (three) feet from the construction frame to the ceiling
  • Must be constructed of smooth and fire retardant lumber;
  • Must be inspected and approved by the Housing Facilities Services unit;
  • Must be designed so that University bed frames and mattresses are incorporated into the loft

(University storage for such items is not available).
Housing and Residence Life does not recommend nor suggest that residents build lofts in their rooms, and is in no way responsible for such lofts or any damages or injuries caused by their use.

Our Appliance Policy provides guidance on what to bring with you. It is outlined in detail on our What to Bring to Campus page.

You may rent a compact refrigerator/freezer or a Microfridge. Find out more.

Housing and Residence Life does not provide storage for residents beyond what you can keep in your actual room/suite/apartment. All items in our room at check-in have been noted on the Room Condition Report, and it is expected that everything will be there when you check out.