Green Pages

As reported by News 14 Carolina on 9/13/2007, "Students at UNC Charlotte overwhelmingly voted this week to be more environmentally friendly on campus, by approving a project to raise student fees in order to make the campus more green." In order for an actual increase in student fees to take place, the University administration must approve such an increase. To that end, the Student Body President, Justin Ritchie, recognizes the need to have specific plans in place, rather than vague thoughts. John Avery, president of the UNC Charlotte Earth Club, has several projects in mind to make use of the money, such as purchasing LED bulbs for campus lighting, installing solar power for residence halls, building an alternative fuels research facility, and replacing gas-powered vehicles with those using electrical energy. All of these ideas would make significant contributions to the overall goal of "greening" the UNC Charlotte campus.

The benefits of the University's becoming more green in its daily operations would certainly impact overall goals of raising environmental consciousness throughout our state. The fact that we are currently suffering from drought conditions, coupled with the general need to care more significantly for our earth, impel everyone who recognizes the twin threats of global warming and dwindling resources to spend their time and energy finding better ways to live, ways which do not impact the environment as negatively as current practices.

The UNC Charlotte Recycling Department website regularly offers information for specific ideas and actions the University community may follow to positively impact our environment. It is worth your time to visit this website and read in detail recycling news, events and reminders of what the Recycling Department is about here on campus.

For you as a University student and resident, being more green in your approach to campus living is good practice for the way you will live the rest of your life. There is no "other" earth that you will remove to when you graduate; you are already a vital presence on the planet. Take time to make your presence one of substance - an affirmation of the future.

Check out YouTube by searching for "Recycling" or "Conservation" and find a lot of clever, imaginative videos created and posted concerning those topics.