Energy Conservation

10 Things YOU Can Do To Conserve Energy In The Residence Halls

  1. Report Wasted Energy and/or Water. Contact Facilities at 704‑687‑7502 or
  2. Turn Off Lights When Not In Use. Buy fluorescent desk lamps and replacement bulbs instead of incandescent or halogen ones.
  3. Use Task Lighting. Instead of turning on the overhead, focus light where you need it with fluorescent lamps.
  4. Turn Off Computer Monitor When Not In Room. Turn off the computer when not in use. Buy energy efficient computer equipment with the Energy Star Label (more info available at
  5. Bike, Walk, Carpool, Or Take The Bus. Remember, the Campus Shuttle Service is FREE to all students, faculty, staff and guests! Check out the schedule at
  6. Regulate Your Own Temperature. Dress appropriately for the season. Wear sweaters during the winter instead of turning up thermostats or using space heaters. Use energy wisely!
  7. Take Advantage Of Daylight. Open shades and work by the light of the sun whenever possible. Decorate with lighter colors that reflect daylight.
  8. Only Have One Minifridge. Confer with your roommate before renting a minifridge or a MicroFridge, and only get one unit for 2 people.
  9. Limit Blow Drying. Whenever possible, do not blow dry your hair. The average blow dryer uses about 1875 watts of power per hour.
  10. Educate Yourself. Understand how much power is used by each convenience and appliance you own, and remind yourself to keep from using energy unnecessarily.