10 Things YOU Can Do To Recycle In The Residence Halls

  1. Reduce Paper Use.Do not print out large quantities of web pages, report drafts, or class notes. Reuse bags, envelopes, and scrap paper.
  2. Buy Products Containing Recycled Materials. Make use of recycled materials collected by organizations such as UNC Charlotte Recycling.
  3. Avoid Disposable Products. Use a refillable mug. Re-use shopping bags (or buy a canvas one). Select products with reduced and recycled packaging.
  4. Recycle Your Own Used Materials. Paper products (newspapers, phone books, catalogs & magazines, brown paper bags), glass/plastic bottles (soda & water bottles, jars, etc.) and aluminum cans may be placed in recycling bins located in every residence hall and area. Toner cartridges from computers may be turned in to Recycling. (In the Academic areas, there are collection points for all those, plus batteries, CDs, computer diskettes, Styrofoam, and transparencies).
  5. Reminders. Remind your roommates and friends to recycle if you notice that they are throwing items into general trash cans which should properly be placed in recycle bins.
  6. Use A Wipeboard/Chalkboard. Post a wipeboard or chalkboard on your door or by the telephone for messages instead of using paper.
  7. Double Sided Copies. Make double-sided copies with your printer. It takes a little time to turn the pages over and re-print, but you use half the amount of copy paper.
  8. Use Your Own Silverware. Buy your own set of silverware to use when getting take-out to eat in your room, and decline packaged plastic-ware when offered by the restaurant.
  9. Moving In. Flatten cardboard boxes for recycling; do not put plastic wrap/foam packaging into paper recycling bins.
  10. Moving Out. Donate items you don't want to take home to local charities (most residence halls place collection boxes in the lobbies for donations at the end of each semester.