Leadership Opportunities

When you live on campus, you are automatically part of an extended University community. Through organized groups, you have the opportunity to shape and influence your living environment and lifestyle.

Hall/Area Councils
Each living area has its own governing body. Hall/Area Councils consist of officers elected by the residents of each living area. The primary function of the council is to provide leadership and coordination for area programming and to represent the issues and concerns of residents. Each council position offers students opportunities for outstanding leadership experience. If you would like to get involved, contact your RA, GA and/or RC for more information.

Resident Students Association
When you live on campus, you are a member of the Resident Students Association (RSA). Each Hall/Area Council sends representatives to RSA meetings. RSA serves as the representative body for all residential students and plans a variety of social activities throughout the year. To get involved, email RSA at resident49ers@uncc.edu or visit the RSA website.