The Department of Housing and Residence Life is very aware that today's world can be so complex and at times so bewildering that we often overlook simple procedures or precautions which, if followed, will help protect us from dangers, risks, or injuries.

Being safer can mean active measures, such as never walking alone late at night, or never leaving the door to your room unlocked, or configuring your computer with adequate firewalling and virus protection, or reporting any suspicious individuals to authorities. It can also extend to more passive safety measures, such as being aware of your surroundings at all times or being distrustful of visiting unfamiliar Internet websites.

It is not our purpose in these pages to make you fearful or timid, or to convince you of any overwhelming dangers waiting to strike you down. Rather, we want to encourage you to grow in awareness of the possibilities of what could happen, and teach you steps for you to make a part of your natural day to day living and thus better prepare you for eventualities should they arise.