Laundry Facilities

Each residential area has washers and dryers for the use of residents. Students can use money deposited on their 49er Card in the laundry. There are no change machines in the Residence Halls so students should come with their own supply of quarters.

Students First
Each Monday morning, your ID card will be refreshed with $8 to be used in laundry rooms on campus*. If you need to do additional loads of laundry and have exhausted that $8 allotment for the week, you may opt to use quarters or your 49er account. (*Except for Greek Village and Belk Hall 4 bedroom apartment residents who have access to free machines in their houses/units)

Clean & Green: Water & Energy-Efficient Washers and Dryers
The Energy Star® rated, high-efficiency machines installed on campus clean effectively, help save time, and are gentle on both your clothes and the environment! High-efficiency, front-loading machines hold more clothes and use less water than conventional laundry equipment saving you time and energy. For best results, use only 2 tbsp of concentrated HE detergent; it’s specially formulated for high-efficiency machines.

Need Laundry Help?  The Campus Clothes Line® has the answers!
Do you have a stubborn stain?  Need a refresher or a complete laundry education? Check out The Campus Clothes Line®, an interactive resource for all things laundry including laundry instructions and advice, stain tips, videos, prizes and more!

LaundryView® Makes Laundry More Convenient than Ever
LaundryView shows you an online 3D view of your laundry room and lets you check the status of machines without setting foot outside of your room. With LaundryView® Text Alerts you can request that each machine send you a text message when your cycle is compete. LaundryView Mobile puts the laundry room in the palm of your hand!  Use your smartphone to scan the dedicated QR code posted in your laundry room or visit from your phone’s web browser. With LaundryView, doing laundry is easier than ever!

Easy Service Requesting:  LaundryLinx™ & Customer Care Support
If a machine in any laundry room (excluding apartments or a Greek Village House) isn’t working properly, you can report a service problem through this website. This, in conjunction with precise auto-dispatch technology, provides a direct link to your campus service technician so the problem can be addressed quickly. Or call 1-800-MAC-GRAY (800-622-4729) to speak directly to a friendly Customer Service Representative from one of Mac-Gray’s specially trained Customer Care Centers. If a machine in any apartment unit or Greek Village House isn't working properly, submit an online maintenance request.

Lighten the Load™ Environmental Initiative
Through participation in the Lighten the Load environmental initiative, the laundry rooms on campus are carbon neutral!  The Lighten the Load initiative is designed to raise environmental awareness and offsets 100% of the carbon emissions from the laundry rooms on campus. Over 84 million pounds of CO2 emissions from participating campuses across the country have been offset through investments in methane-destruction projects provided by (All offset projects meet ACUPCC standards.)  So every time you use the campus laundry facilities you can feel good about being clean today and green tomorrow.

For laundry advice, prizes and more connect with us!
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