Niner Network Television

Niner Network is the cable television service for the campus residents of UNC Charlotte. It offers more than 100 channels of digital TV. Niner Network has created a number of resources to make it easy to get your television connected and to start watching your favorite TV shows. From the easy set up guide to a complete channel listing, you have all the tools at your disposal to get started in just a few minutes.

Seting Up Niner Network   |   Troubleshooting FAQ's   |   Niner Network Channel Lineup
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To report and troubleshoot any cable television related service issues, click here to submit an online service request, or call 866-440-2003.



UNC Charlotte TV is the university’s channel featuring campus updates, athletics news and games, student media, world news, independent documentaries, disc golf and a diverse offering of educational programming. The HD channel is available to all on campus residents on Channel 49.1, with programming schedules available on Zap2It and the television page of the Digital Media Communications website. 

Graphic content runs on the channel to provide students current weather conditions, highlights from social media, and headlines from around campus. In the event of a Niner Alert, the message will be relayed through the television channel to provide students with relevant emergency information.

Emergency Alert System
UNC Charlotte’s Niner Network Emergency Alert System is an urgent notification system, by which the University can notify residents of active, major campus/area emergencies. The system is also integrated with the National Emergency Alert in the event it is triggered by government officials or locally by UNC Charlotte Police & Public Safety.

When the University determines there is an active emergency in which the public safety of the campus may be at risk, it will initiate an urgent notification through the Emergency Alert System over the Niner Network TV system.

You will see tests performed at various times to ensure its integrity. In the event of an emergency, important information will display on the television, along with a text to speech conversion of the event.