Vending Machines

Many of our residential areas offer snack and drink vending machines. There are no change machines. Students can use money deposited on their 49er Card in the vending machines.


  • Belk Hall - Third Floor (adjacent to main office)
  • C.F. Lynch Hall - First Floor (down hall past main office)
  • Elm Hall - (use Oak or Maple machines)
  • Greek Village - (near mail box kiosk)
  • Hawthorn Hall - Basement Level (near the Kitchen)
  • Holshouser Hall - First Floor (behind elevators)
  • Hunt Hall - First Floor (to the left of first floor suite doors)
  • Maple Hall - First Floor (adjacent to laundry facility)
  • Martin Hall - First Floor (off main lobby)
  • Miltimore Hall - First Floor (off main lobby)
  • Moore Hall - First Floor (behind elevators)
  • Oak Hall - First Floor (lobby area)
  • Pine Hall - (use Oak or Maple machines)
  • Sanford Hall - Basement Level (adjacent to the laundry facility)
  • Scott Hall - First Floor (behind elevators)
  • Wallis Hall - First, Second, and Third Floors
  • Witherspoon Hall - First Floor (near Room 115)

49er Card Office Online
Deposit money onto your 49er Card to use in the vending machines located in the Residence Halls.