Freshman Experience

Tailored to meet the unique needs and interests of first-year students, UNC Charlotte has four residential communities reserved exclusively for freshmen. The activities and services offered in these halls are specifically designed to support and engage new students. Additionally, the staff in these areas are specifically trained to know what makes students thrive in a college environment.

New students have the option to live in any of our residential facilities, but students who live in our freshmen-exclusive buildings value their experiences and highly recommend that future students take advantage of the opportunity. For these and other reasons, a majority of our first-year students will live in these four buildings.


Scott Hall Laurel Hall Lynch Hall Hawthorn Hall


Residential Freshman Curriculum
Out-of-class or “co-curricular” learning is a critical piece of the overall college experience. Housing and Residence Life is intentional about providing residential freshmen the opportunity to learn and grow while they live, work and play in the residence halls. No matter where they live on campus, freshmen are offered opportunities to enhance their academic success, personal development, active citizenship and social connectedness.

Academic Success
Freshmen are offered opportunities to enhance their academic experience and bolster their chances for success with both educational programming designed to provide the tools for college success, and easy access to study opportunities.

Active Citizenship
Freshmen are offered educational experiences that challenge them to develop citizenship as an integral component of their personal character and highlight the importance of being a good neighbor.

Personal Development
Freshmen have the opportunity to learn valuable skills which teach them the "basics" of independent living and challenge them to make good decisions. Developing these highly transferable skills during the first year of college helps to ensure academic and personal success.

Social Connectedness
UNC Charlotte is a "home away from home." As such, freshmen are encouraged to make meaningful connections with other students and the faculty and staff of the university. These connections form a foundation upon which a successful college career can be built!