Summer Housing Tours

Date Published: 
Wednesday, April 5, 2017

This summer, we will showcase the majority of our on campus living unit types. Guided tours will take place May 30-August 4, Monday through Friday, on the hour, beginning at 12 noon, with the last tour beginning at 3:00 pm. Tours of the residence halls listed below will begin at the specified Village’s Loan Key Desk.

North Village

  • Belk* (apartment)
  • Miltimore (apartment and suite)
  • Wallis (apartment and suite)
  • Witherspoon (apartment and suite)

South Village

Tour Option 1:

  • Hunt* (suite) 
  • Laurel (Freshmen Only suite)
  • Holshouser (double and suite)

Tour Option 2:

  • Levine* (suite) 
  • Sanford (Freshmen Only double)

East Village

  • Martin* (apartment)
  • Greek Village (single)

*Loan Key Desk buildings, where each village’s guided tour will begin.