Temporary Relocation of Oak Hall Residents

Date Published: 
Monday, August 17, 2015

Oak Hall has not been used for the last year as the building has been off-line undergoing a major renovation.  Everyone involved has worked extremely hard but ​we have not been able to complete the work prior to assigned Oak Hall residents' arrival. This is no cause for worry. We have made arrangements for these residents to ​stay ​in Phase IV buildings ​(Sycamore, Cedar, Hickory Halls) on campus until we get the green light to move into Oak Hall.

Updates on Oak Hall's completion will be posted as we know more, and instructions on the temporary Move-In as well as the Checkout from Phase IV to Oak has been communicated to residents via email. We fully expect living in Phase IV to be a short term situation.​ The daily rate for residing in Phase IV is less than the rate for living in Oak Hall.  As such, once residents are moved back into Oak, and we can calculate the number of days spent in Phase IV, residents' accounts will be credited for the difference.  In addition, moving assistance will be provided for the move from Phase IV to Oak Hall and we will place a $100 credit on residents' accounts to acknowledge the inconvenience we know this is to our residents. 

We apologize this delay has occurred.  We can promise that this delay was not from a lack of effort.  Our goal is to get  residents settled into Oak Hall just as quickly as we can and we apologize that this delay has occurred. Any questions can be directed to 704-687-7501 or hrlmailbox@uncc.edu