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Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 / Spring 2021 Related

Important Spring Dates

  • January 19: Date you can begin contacting your Residence Education Coordinator to retrieve belongings left on campus before Thanksgiving break if you are waiting until February to move in. 
  • January 19-24, 8:00 am to 8:00 pm: Move out for residents who canceled their housing contract (for those who did not move out during their move-in appointment January 14-17)
  • January 20: Classes will begin online as scheduled
  • January 24: Deadline for fall residents not returning for spring semester to be completely moved out
  • February 8-12: Spring Break (moved from March 29-April 3)
  • February 18-21: Move in for those who waited for in-person classes to resume
  • February 22: In-person classes resume
  • May 5: Last day of classes
  • May 7: Exams begin
  • May 14, 12:00 pm: Residence Hall close (residents must be moved out)


If I plan to wait until February to move in, when is the next move-in period?
Move in is scheduled for Thursday, February 18 through Sunday, February 21. Details can be found here.

What do I do if I left my belongings on campus and turned in my keys before Thanksgiving break and need access to my belongings prior to February move in?
Beginning Tuesday, January 19, you may contact your Residence Education Coordinator to schedule an appointment to gain access to your room to retrieve belongings. To maintain community health standards in the residence halls, you will not be permitted to schedule  multiple appointments to retrieve belongings during the delay period prior to the start of in-person/hybrid courses.

May I remain on campus over spring break?
Yes. The residence halls will remain open over spring break. Students do not need to leave campus over the break and are encouraged to stay. 

May I remain on campus after spring break? When do I need to move out? 
Yes, students may remain on campus after spring break. The halls will close at the end of the spring semester on Friday, May 14th at 12:00 pm. 

If I completed the attestation form, do I still have the option to move out by March 28th and receive a prorated credit for the remaining weeks of the semester? 
No, unfortunately, that is no longer an option for students. With the changes to the academic calendar including spring break, the residence halls will remain open through the end of the semester. 

Move Out

When will students need to move out of the residence halls in the spring? 
Residence halls will close, as planned, at 12:00 pm on Friday, May 14th. 

If I previously completed an attestation form, am I still required to leave campus after March 28?
No. If you completed an attestation form, you are welcome to continue to live in the residence halls after spring break (February 8-12) through the end of the semester when the residence halls close (12:00 pm on May 14). 


Can I cancel my housing contract without financial penalty?
If you want to cancel your housing and believe you have extenuating circumstances related to COVID-19, including an online-only course schedule for spring semester, you can submit an appeal of your spring semester housing charges through the Tuition, Housing, Dining Appeals process

The appeals process requires documentation (such as a copy of your all-online-course schedule or a doctor's note which indicates your need to live off campus). Documentation is a key factor in the appeals process. Students who provide proper documentation to support their appeal will receive a conscientious review of their appeal. 

We understand that students and their families continue to make difficult decisions. The Tuition, Housing, Dining Appeals process provides us with the best mechanism to review students' individual circumstances fairly and consistently.

I received a credit for attesting to move out of on-campus housing after Spring Break, how will my bill change?
If you completed the move-out attestation and received a credit for a portion of your Spring 2021 housing and/ or meal plan charges, the credit will be removed from your student account on Jan. 14th and your revised housing and/ or meal plan charges on your student account will be at the rates for the full Spring term. If your financial aid is not sufficient to cover this charge, you will need to pay your balance by Jan. 28th. If your financial aid is sufficient to cover this charge, refunds (not including prorated housing/ dining credit for delayed period) will be processed starting Jan. 15th.

How can I calculate what prorated refund(s) I may receive if I wait until February 18-21 to move in?
If you are interested in trying to estimate your possible refund, you will first need to determine your approximate weekly rate and then multiply it by the number of weeks for which you believe you may receive a prorated refund.

Here’s how:

  1. Find your approximate weekly rate. Divide your semester housing rate by 17.14 (number of weeks of housing for spring semester) to find your approximate weekly rate.
  2. Then multiply that by the number of weeks you may receive a prorated refund for. Multiply your approximate weekly rate by 5 weeks (the number of weeks refunded if you do not move in until February 18 - February 21).

We hope this helps students and their families to calculate their own ballpark refund estimate, but we regret we cannot provide accurate estimates on an individual basis.

When can I expect my refund/adjustment?
That would depend on a variety of factors (cancellation, move-in date, outstanding student account balance, etc.). Here are a few scenarios explained:

  • If you have already paid for your spring housing and cancel your housing contract by 11:59 pm on Friday, January 15, you can expect an adjustment on your student account within a couple days when the cancellation request is received and processed by the Housing and Residence Life office. 
  • If you decide to wait and move in in February (February 18-21), you will see an adjustment posted on your student account the week of March 1.
  • If you previously canceled your housing contract for spring housing and were assessed the liquidation fee, HRL is currently working to credit the fee back to your student account.
  • If you received a credit for attesting to move out of housing after Spring Break, the credit will be removed from your student account on January 14 and your revised housing and/or meal plan charges on your student account will be at the rates for the full Spring term. If your financial aid is not sufficient to cover this charge, you will need to pay your balance by January 28. If your financial aid is sufficient to cover this charge, refunds (not including the prorated housing/dining credit for the delayed move-in period) will be processed starting January 15.

Spring Re-Entry Testing

If I'm moving in February 18-21 do I need to complete a Spring Re-Entry test?
All residents will be required to provide documentation that they have received a Spring Re-Entry COVID-19 test at check in. You have two options: submit your results prior to your move-in appointment or be tested on campus prior to your move-in appointment. Students will receive detailed information from the University next Friday, February 5 regarding re-entry testing.

If I’m an athlete, and am tested regularly, do I still need to get tested?
Yes. All residents (even athletes) are required to participate in re-entry testing. 

If I recently had COVID-19, do I still need to get tested?
If you tested positive within a defined time frame, responded to your Niner Health Check to confirm your positive test, and have documentation, you may qualify for an exception.

Spring Move In

How many people can I bring to help me move in? 
You may bring up to two guests to help you unload and carry your belongings to your assigned room. These two guests must remain the same all day- they cannot be swapped out for additional guests. Students' move-in guests are NOT required to leave at the end of the two-hour move-in appointment window. Additionaly, students and their families are not required to stay in the room once they finish unpacking.

What should I pack? 
As you begin preparing for move-in, we recommend only packing what is essential. By focusing on your essential needs, you will help us reduce congestion in unloading areas and residence hall lobbies while also helping us minimize wait times for elevators. Our goal is to create an efficient move-in experience for each residential student! Ne sure to review our Packing List and Prohibited Items List before you start packing. 

Will equipment (handtrucks, carts, etc.) be available in the halls for students and their families to use? 
Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 social distancing protocols, we will be unable to provide hand trucks and carts to assist you.

Will move-in volunteers be available to help?
Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 social distancing protocols, move-in volunteers will not be available to assist with move-in this year.

COVID-19 Prep/Safety

What is your plan for quarantine and isolation?
Another measure we have put in place this fall is a plan for on-campus quarantine and isolation for residential students. Designated spaces on campus are reserved for those students who do not have the option to return to an off-campus residence for recuperation. If a residential student is required to quarantine or needs to be in isolation, they will first be asked to return to their off-campus residence to await test results, receive medical care, and recuperate. 

If a residential student is not able to return to their off-campus residence, they will be relocated to an alternative space on campus where linens and meal delivery will be provided to the student in an area separate from the general housing population. You can find a list of Important Things to Know About Quarantine and Isolation here

What will life in the halls be like this year due to COVID-19?
HRL is committed to fostering engaging residential communities where students will learn and grow as they pursue their academic degrees. We are also committed to creating environments that follow best practices regarding community health during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. You can learn more about what to expect when you join us on campus this fall here.

What are Housing and Residence Life staff responsible for cleaning in the halls?
HRL staff will clean public spaces, such as community bathrooms, in each residence hall daily and high-touch and heavily-trafficked areas multiple times daily, particularly main pathways, front doors, elevator buttons, etc. Cleaning chemicals proven to kill 99% of bacteria and germs are already in use.

Our housekeeping staff are trained on appropriate cleaning methods related to COVID-19, and we will continue to update protocols as new recommendations from the CDC become available.

Will residents be required to wear face coverings in their own rooms? 
No, not necessarily. Roommates in residence halls will be treated as a single household and, for this reason, will not be required to wear a mask while inside their residence hall room. As part of their roommate agreement process, we will ask that students work with their roommates to determine what’s reasonable in their rooms with regard to face coverings. Students are expected to wear masks or face coverings in common areas and outside of their rooms.

What is HRL’s plan for suites and apartments that have shared bathrooms that are normally cleaned by students? Are there plans for staff to clean them regularly?
Residential students are responsible for the ongoing cleaning of their rooms, suites and apartments and will be provided with recommended cleaning standards as part of their roommate agreement process.

How is HRL prioritizing requests for private bedrooms from students with underlying health conditions?​
Students with needs for housing accommodations should first contact Disability Services for assistance. Based on each student’s circumstances, Disability Services will make recommendations to Housing and Residence Life regarding appropriate accommodations available in the residence halls.