About Your Room

We encourage our residents to make their living spaces their own. This is where you will most likely sleep, eat, study and play during the coming months! Below you will find a few resources to help make your residence hall feel like home.


To help you determine what is, as well as, what is not allowed in our Residence Halls, we have compiled this list:

Paint Policy

Students are not permitted to paint their rooms, either personal bedrooms or living rooms, dining areas or kitchens of any apartment or suite. The presence of carpet necessitates professional skills and precautions. The only exception to this policy is the painting of approved murals in public areas of a building, and only with the approval of the Associate Director for Operations. Please contact our Facilities Services Department for more information.

Appliance Policy

Our Appliance Policy provides guidance on what to bring with you. It is outlined in detail on our What to Bring to Campus page.

Appliance Rental

You may rent a compact refrigerator/freezer or a Microfridge. Find out more.

Storage Policy

Housing and Residence Life does not provide storage for residents beyond what you can keep in your actual room/suite/apartment. All items in our room at check-in have been noted on the Room Condition Report, and it is expected that everything will be there when you check out.