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Will I have an assignment before the July 15 cancellation deadline? 
Assignments are made daily for students who have paid their housing deposit. Applications are processed by date of completion. While many assignments will be made by July 15, we will continue to make assignments throughout the summer as space availability shifts.

If I applied for housing and want to join a learning community, when will I be assigned?
Once you have accepted the Learning Community offer, that Learning Community will forward your name to the HRL Assignments Team. If you are already assigned a space in housing, your assignment will be changed once our Assignments Team has been notified of your acceptance into the respective Learning Community.  If you are not yet assigned a space, you will be assigned once our Assignments Team has been notified of your acceptance into the learning community. Learning communities have until July 1 to accept students.

I was assigned to a building that wasn’t even included in my preferences. How did that happen and what can I do about it?
There is a limit to the number of spaces available to match any particular preferences. When particular spaces are not available, students will be assigned to the next closest available room type. If you are not satisfied with your current assignment, you may contact Housing and Residence Life at 704-687-7501 or to inquire about an assignment change. If space allows, assignment changes can be made until August 1.

What happens if I applied for housing after the June 1 priority housing deadline?
If you applied for, or completed your housing contract, after our June 1 priority deadline, you will be placed on the housing waitlist.

I am currently on the housing waitlist, can I cancel my contract?
If you are placed on the housing waitlist, and would prefer to make other housing arrangements, you may cancel without any financial obligation. You can find instructions on how to cancel your housing contract here.

If I’m on the waiting list, does that mean I won’t get a housing assignment?
Not necessarily. We may have space, but we cannot guarantee if/when that will happen. We will continue assigning residents for fall based on space that becomes available through cancellations but we recommend researching alternative housing arrangements in case we are unable to provide you with a housing assignment.

Can I take a tour of the hall I’ve been assigned to before move-in?
Due to COVID-19, we are not offering in-person housing tours this summer. You can join us for a Live Virtual Tour of our halls via Zoom though. Dates and links to each tour can be found here. You can also view our prerecorded virtual tours here.


Will the cancellation deadlines be adjusted with the semester on a delayed start?
While we are not changing the cancellation dates, we did adjust the financial implications associated with each date. Please find our updated cancellation terms here.

Will the housing costs be adjusted if the semester is going to be shorter?
While there is a two-week delay planned for the start of the upcoming academic year, the length of the academic year will not necessarily be shorter. Dates of occupancy and associated housing rates will align with the approved academic calendar.

July 16 is still too early to know if it will really be in my student’s best interest to live in a residence hall. Why will I be charged $750 and lose my deposit if I decide later that my child needs to live at home for the fall due to an ongoing pandemic?
The University must be able to plan for appropriate staffing and services and can only hold space for students who indicate they are intending to live on campus for the upcoming academic year. We understand that each family will need to make the best decisions they can based on information available and their individual circumstances.

My SOAR date is after the July 15th cancellation deadline; is there any way I can get an idea of how many of my classes will be online or in person before I commit to living on campus?
More than 90% of classes are finalized in Banner. Of those, approximately 50% are completely online. There is no way to predict an individual student's schedule, however we expect the majority of students will have a combination of online and hybrid/face-to-face courses. Hybrid classes have a weekly face-to-face component. General education classes will be either online or hybrid. The majority of 100% face-to-face courses are in upper-level or graduate courses.

If I do not intend to live on campus this fall, what should I do?
We ask students who do not intend to live on campus this fall to cancel their housing contract sooner rather than later. Instructions on how to cancel your housing contract can be found here.

If COVID-19 prevents students from receiving housing this fall, will students still be financially responsible for fall housing?
It is possible that as a result of a health or safety emergency, including the COVID-19 outbreak, resident students may be unable to occupy campus housing, or may have their use of campus housing facilities significantly restricted or altered to protect their health and well-being and that of the campus community. For those same reasons, companies or staff contracted by UNC Charlotte to provide certain services to campus housing facilities may be significantly limited or unavailable. As outlined in the resident handbook, the University is not obligated to issue partial refunds or credits for these types of emergency adjustments.

Move In

When is move in?
Move in is scheduled to begin on Monday, August 31 and end on Sunday, September 6.

How do I schedule my move-in appointment?
In early August, you will receive an additional email outlining the appointment scheduling process.

Our plan is to allow each resident to sign up for a two-hour appointment during move-in week. During your two-hour appointment, you will be expected to unload your vehicle fully. However, you may continue to unpack in your room after your appointment has ended.

How many people can I bring to help me move in?
You may bring up to two guests to help you unload and carry your belongings to your assigned room.

What should I pack?
As you begin preparing for move-in, we recommend only packing what is essential. By focusing on your essential needs, you will help us reduce congestion in unloading areas and residence hall lobbies while also helping us minimize wait times for elevators. Our goal is to create an efficient move-in experience for each residential student!

Will equipment (handtrucks, carts, etc.) be available in the halls for students and their families to use?
Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 social distancing protocols, we will be unable to provide hand trucks and carts to assist you.

Will move-in volunteers be available to help?
Unfortunately, because of COVID-19 social distancing protocols, move-in volunteers will not be available to assist with move-in this year.

COVID-19 Prep/Safety

What will life in the halls be like this year due to COVID-19?
HRL is committed to fostering engaging residential communities where students will learn and grow as they pursue their academic degrees. We are also committed to creating environments that follow best practices regarding community health during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. You can learn more about what to expect when you join us on campus this fall here.

What are Housing and Residence Life staff responsible for cleaning in the halls?
HRL staff will clean public spaces, such as community bathrooms, in each residence hall daily and high-touch and heavily-trafficked areas multiple times daily, particularly main pathways, front doors, elevator buttons, etc. Cleaning chemicals proven to kill 99% of bacteria and germs are already in use.

Our housekeeping staff are trained on appropriate cleaning methods related to COVID-19, and we will continue to update protocols as new recommendations from the CDC become available.

Will UNC Charlotte restrict occupancy in light of the need for social distancing?
There are currently no plans to restrict occupancy in the residence halls. Students should anticipate modifications to the guest policy, the closure of some common spaces, and restricted limits in other common areas.

Will residents be required to wear face coverings in their own rooms?
No, not necessarily. Roommates in residence halls will be treated as a single household and, for this reason, will not be required to wear a mask while inside their residence hall room. As part of their roommate agreement process, we will ask that students work with their roommates to determine what’s reasonable in their rooms with regard to face coverings. Students are expected to wear masks or face coverings in common areas and outside of their rooms.

What is HRL’s plan for suites and apartments that have shared bathrooms that are normally cleaned by students? Are there plans for staff to clean them regularly?
Residential students are responsible for the ongoing cleaning of their rooms, suites and apartments and will be provided with recommended cleaning standards as part of their roommate agreement process.

How is HRL prioritizing requests for private bedrooms from students with underlying health conditions?​
Students with needs for housing accommodations should first contact Disability Services for assistance. Based on each student’s circumstances, Disability Services will make recommendations to Housing and Residence Life regarding appropriate accommodations available in the residence halls.