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Student posing on dorm room bed smiling

Resident Feedback

Photo of Erica Renkenberger and Halee Bennet


"The best part about living on campus is that I get to live with my best friend. I love sharing all of my meals with friends and being able to build a community in my hall." - Halee Bennet

Photo of Mackenzie Marlowe


"The main reason I chose to live on campus again was the atmosphere! I like how awesome the security is and how safe I feel at night and during the day. I also get to enjoy UNCC's beautiful campus and everything that happens on campus!" - Mackenzie Marlowe

Photo of Joseph Whitley


"I decided to live on campus because it felt like a part of the UNC Charlotte community, more than if I were to live off campus. Being close to the cafeteria, gym, and library has helped me get so much more involved with the students and faculty." - Joseph Whitley

Photo of Sarah Oxendine


"There are so many conveniences that come with living on campus. I don't have to find parking everyday, I'm within walking distance of all of the on-campus events such as tail-gates, and there are constantly opportunities to meet new people and make friends. I save time, gas, and get to sleep in longer than I would if I didn't live on campus." - Sarah Oxendine

Photo of Tiona Wilson

Niner Pride

"At a lot of colleges it is required that you stay on campus your first two years. I like that we have the option but I believe the exploration of our school happens when living on campus. The majority of my Niner Pride stems from being an on campus resident and immersing myself into organizations on campus."- Tiona Wilson

Photo of Hannah McComas

Make Friends

"I decided to live on campus because I didn't want to worry about scouting out a good apartment near campus. I'm new to Charlotte this year, and I feel like it would be too much for me. Also, I felt like I would be very secluded if I lived off campus. Living on campus has given me the opportunity to make some very great friends" - Hannah McComas.

Photo of Dallas Eason


"The biggest reason I decided to live on campus was that I wanted the full freshman experience. I wasn’t ready to live completely on my own, and everyone told me that I should give living on campus a try, so that’s what I decided to do. I also wanted an opportunity to make some friends since I didn’t know very many people from high school coming-in.” - Dallas Eason

Photo of Shanavia Bates

Save Money

“I’m living on campus because I’m able to save more money, parking is convenient and I’m more active on campus.” -Shanavia Bates

Photo of Connor Derrick


“The biggest reason that I decided to live on campus is because I wanted to learn how to be more independent. Although my family is close enough to campus that I could commute, I thought that living away from my parents would be better for me to begin to be more self-sufficient and work on life skills, such as doing my own laundry. Living on campus is a great option to be able to develop these skills without being entirely on your own like in an off-campus apartment.” -Connor Derrick

Photo of Joshua Knight


“The best part of living on campus is having complete access to all the on campus activities, clubs, and events.” - Joshua McKnight