Residential Curriculum

The Residence Life team is spending the 2017-2018 academic year implementing version 1.0 of our "residential curriculum."  If hired as a Residence Education Coordinator you'll be coming in at an exciting time within the department. We will be working to assess our curriculum this first year and are excited to make changes to it to further increase the value of living on campus. Our Educational Priorities, which guide all of our efforts within the residence halls, can be found below. As a team (RECs, Graduate Assistants and RAs) we will use a variety of strategies to teach within these three areas:

Student Engagement 
Engaged residential students have more meaningful experiences at UNC Charlotte and are more likely to graduate within four years.  Students will be invited and challenged to take advantage of the variety of learning opportunities available to them through active participation in university life and the greater Charlotte community.

Life Skills
Autonomous residential students develop the skills necessary to leverage their education as professionals within society.  Students will be invited to learn the practical skills needed to be successful within our residential community and their self-identified communities.  

Intercultural Competencies 
Culturally-prepared residential students develop the skills necessary to effectively contribute and collaborate within a rapidly evolving global society.  Students will be provided opportunities within their residential communities, and the greater Charlotte community, to reflect and make meaning of their identities and experiences while increasing their knowledge and understanding of others.