What's the Neighborhood like?
UNC Charlotte offers one of the finest housing programs in the country. Residential facilities are more than just places to sleep and store clothes. Each becomes a neighborhood of its own, offering experiences that will always be remembered. Social, recreational, and academic activities enable students to live and study together, make friends from different backgrounds and share an experience that supplements classroom instruction in a meaningful and worthwhile way.

What options does your student have?
UNC Charlotte offers three options in campus housing. Freshmen may choose from one of three tower halls or a suite with two bedrooms, a living space and bathroom. Upperclassmen may have their choice of these two options, or they may select from four-person apartment units clustered in several locations across campus.

Want to learn more about what we have to offer?
We encourage you to explore our website for detailed information about our department, facilities (towers, suites and apartments), programs and lifestyle options. Your student may use our website to apply for campus living anytime after they have been admitted to the University.

How can I stay connected to my student once they move-in?
Now that you are a part of our Niner Nation family, you are invited to join the University's official Niner Nation Family program. There are many great benefits and there's even a free Parents Listserv! To learn more, please visit the Niner Nation Family website.