The Assignment Process

Welcome to the Assignments Office at UNC Charlotte. It is our job to match your application to available residence hall spaces on campus. We encourage you to take a look around and learn how we make assignments. Please read the details and the terms and conditions of the Housing Contract to further understand what to expect from the assignments process.

If you have any questions that aren't answered by our site, please feel free to contact us.

The Assignment Process
Housing assignments are made and communicated:

  • for Spring-Only Housing: continuously, starting in November
  • for Fall/School-Year Housing (for new students/applicants): continuously, starting in April
  • for Fall/School-Year Housing (for returning residents): during the November Return to Campus Living campaign
  • for Summer Housing starting in March.

As students cancel housing or are moved to other buildings on campus, we make additional assignments. Students who have not yet received their assignment can check with the Assignments Office. Students are always welcome to use our Online Housing Application System to check the status of their application, view assignments that have been made and get information about their roommate(s), if any.

Housing assignments for incoming freshmen and transfer students are made according to the date that the Contract for Residential Services (or Online Housing Application) and deposit were received (the later of the two is used in the assignments process, as an application is not complete until both parts are received in our offices), using the spaces available after returning student placements are made.

Returning students go through a re-application period during the fall semester in order to return to campus living for the upcoming academic year. During that period, returning students are given priority in obtaining housing on campus.