Housing Tours


Summer Housing Tours

This summer, June 3 through July 31, we showcase the majority of our on campus living unit types. Guided tours will take place Monday through Friday, on the hour, beginning at 11:00 am, with the last tour beginning at 3:00 pm. Tours of the residence halls listed below will begin at the specified Village’s Loan Key Desk, denoted with an asterisk*.

  • North Village: Belk* (apartment), Lynch (freshmen only suite), Wallis (suite), Witherspoon (suite)
  • South Village:

    • Tour Option 1: Hunt* (suite), Laurel (freshmen only suite), Holshouser (double and suite), Scott (freshmen only double)
    • Tour Option 2: Levine* (suite)
  • East Village: Martin* (apartment), Hawthorn (freshmen only suite), Oak, by appt only (suite)

An optional tour of our residence halls takes place during the Daily Campus Tours offered through the Admissions Department. These tours take place at the end of your pre-registered Admissions Tour and highlight a show room in Hunt and Holshouser Halls.