Residence Life

We believe that living on campus at UNC Charlotte is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. By living on campus, students are making an investment in their education. Research shows that students living on campus earn higher grades, are more likely to continue in college and are more likely to graduate within four years. These national studies have proven true as we look at the data collected on our campus.

Student relationships and interactions with our residence hall staff are a major contributor to the success of campus residents. These live-in staff members, in addition to the members of our team that work in the main office, provide a web of support for the students who live in the residence halls. This support has proven invaluable as students transition to campus, progress through their courses of study and become actively engaged in the UNC Charlotte community.

In addition to staff connections, campus residents have academic support and social networks not available to commuters. 

The Residence Life team officially implemented a Residential Curriculum in 2017, as defined by College Student Educators, International (ACPA). Our team of professional educators focus on three educational priorities: Student Engagement, Life Skills and Intercultural Competence. Students will have lots of opportunities to connect with their peers through student led social and community building events with the goal of increasing a sense of belonging at UNC Charlotte. Additionally Residence Education Coordinators and Resident Advisors work together to host events designed to help students learn the skills they need to be academically and personally successful. 

Residential Curriculum:Niner Blueprint

GlobeIntercultural Competence

Culturally-prepared residential students develop the skills necessary to effectively contribute and collaborate within a rapidly evolving global society.  Students will be provided opportunities within their residential communities, and the greater Charlotte community, to reflect and make meaning of their identities and experiences while increasing their knowledge and understanding of others.


Student Engagement

Student Engagement

Engaged residential students have more meaningful experiences at UNC Charlotte and are more likely to graduate within four years.  Students will be invited and challenged to take advantage of the variety of learning opportunities available to them through active participation in university life and the greater Charlotte community.



Life Skills

Autonomous residential students develop the skills necessary to leverage their education as professionals within society. Students will be invited to learn the practical skills needed to be successful within our residential community and their self-identified communities.  

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