Returning Residents

As an on campus resident, you know first-hand that the experience you have here is incomparable. But did you also know that living on campus contributes to greater overall satisfaction and success in college? Studies have shown that students living on campus have higher GPAs than those living off campus and are more likely to graduate on time. On campus, you have access to trained staff around-the-clock, and save valuable time commuting – time that can be used to your academic and social advantage.

Return to Campus Living

We hope that you will return to campus housing for the Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 academic year. Current residents have the unique opportunity to apply for housing early by participating in Return to Campus Living in November 2019. If you apply for housing during the campaign, you do not have to submit a $200 deposit. 

After this period, if you still want to apply for housing, you will need to complete a new Fall 2020 - Spring 2021 housing application and submit a $200 deposit. Applications submitted after the end of Return to Campus Living will be processed in the order received along with all of the other new Fall housing applications.

Apply now!