Services and Amenities

The following additional services are available to residents of UNC Charlotte. Some services require the payment of additional fees, while other services are provided to our residents at no additional cost. Learn more below:

We are pleased to offer the following appliance rental options for our residents.

Micro-Fridge - with Safe Plug®Technology

MicroFridge unit is a compact refrigerator/freezer with a microwave oven on top that is designed specifically for college students living on campus. Because of its unique electrical power conservation system and Energy Star rating, it has the endorsement of the UNC Charlotte Housing and Residence Life Department.

This is a special appliance that is available to UNC Charlotte students through Standards for Living. Please visit their website to learn more about how students may rent or purchase a MicroFridge unit.

Standards for Living will deliver your unit to your room just prior to your arrival on campus in the fall.


Compact Refrigerator/Freezer

The compact refrigerator/freezer unit features a true zero-degree freezer compartment, and is a very popular as well as practical room accessory. Because it is an Energy Star rated appliance, it has the endorsement of the UNC Charlotte Housing & Residence Life Department.

This is a special appliance that is available to UNC Charlotte students through Standards for Living. Please visit their website to learn more about how students may rent a unit.

Standards for Living will deliver your unit to your room just prior to your arrival on campus in the fall.

Linen Program

The Linen Program is a convenient and simple solution to all of your college bedding needs. Our goal every year is to ensure parents and students have everything they need for Move-In. We do that by providing easy one-stop shopping with an off-campus company that provides an assortment of residence hall room must-haves, including storage solutions, comforters, pillows, mattress pads and blankets.

For more information on our linen program visit the On Campus Market website.

Bed Dimensions

Most of our mattresses are Twin XL (36" wide by 80" long). When you purchase your sheets, check the packaging to find the length of the fitted sheet. Greek Village has double mattresses (53" wide by 80" long).

Adjustable bed heights (note- not all of our beds can be adjusted/raised):

  • at their lowest setting, the bottom of the springs is 8" off floor. The top of the mattress is 17 1/2".  
  • at their highest setting, the bottom of the springs is 33" off the floor. The top of the mattress is 42 1/2".

Mattress covers are not provided for beds during the regular academic school year. You may consider purchasing your own mattress cover since they can be helpful in preventing stain damage to the mattresses. Staining can result in a damage charge being applied to your student account on check out.

Our cable television provider, Apogee, offers on-campus residents more than 100 channels of digital TV. Residents can also watch their favorite shows and sports on a variety of devices by downloading the Stream2 app (details below). Here are a few helpful resources:

Setting Up Cable   |   Channel Guide   |   MAX GO   |   Zap2it Live Channel Guide

Stream2 App

IPTV’s service Stream2 is available for on-campus residents. With Stream2, you can watch your favorite shows and sports on several of your devices, including your laptop, Smart TV (via RoKu, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV) and mobile device. You can also save up to 20 hours of recordings with the included DVR feature. 

You can download the Stream2 app from the Apple App or Google Play stores or go directly to This service also comes with the Campus Life Channel, a collection of student-and faculty-created content and social media to keep you informed about campus happenings.  Download instructions can be found at


If you need any help registering or connecting your devices, an Apogee support representative is available 24 hours a day to assist you. 

UNC Charlotte TV

UNC Charlotte TV is the university’s channel featuring campus updates, athletics news and games, student media, world news, independent documentaries, disc golf and a diverse offering of educational programming. The HD channel is available to all on campus residents on Channel 49.1, with programming schedules available on Zap2It and the television page of the Digital Media Communications website. 

Graphic content runs on the channel to provide students current weather conditions, highlights from social media, and headlines from around campus. In the event of a Niner Alert, the message will be relayed through the television channel to provide students with relevant emergency information.

Emergency Alert System

UNC Charlotte’s Niner Network Emergency Alert System is an urgent notification system, by which the University can notify residents of active, major campus/area emergencies. The system is also integrated with the National Emergency Alert in the event it is triggered by government officials or locally by UNC Charlotte Police & Public Safety.

When the University determines there is an active emergency in which the public safety of the campus may be at risk, it will initiate an urgent notification through the Emergency Alert System over the Niner Network TV system.

You will see tests performed at various times to ensure its integrity. In the event of an emergency, important information will display on the television, along with a text to speech conversion of the event.

*NOTE: services could change at any time without notice

UNC Charlotte Dining boasts 20+ dining locations on campus.

Most meal plans have two parts: meal swipes and Declining Balance (DB). Meal swipes are good at SoVi and Crown Commons dining halls. DB can be used at any campus dining venue, including theater and sports concessions and Outtakes convenience stores. Optional Dining Account (ODA) funds can be used at all dining locations.

Visit the UNC Charlotte Dining website for more information on Meal Plans and dining locations.

If you are sick and need a meal delivered, please complete the Sick Meal Form to order a meal for a friend to pick up. Please allow for two hours between submitting this form and pick up.

Ink Spot Printing is a "print from anywhere" solution that allows you to print to an Ink Spot-enabled printer for a small fee. This service is available at locations throughout the campus including Belk, Hunt and Martin Halls.

For more information about the Ink Spot service and instructions for its use, visit the Auxiliary Services webpage.

We understand the demands of daily college life and that having reliable, consistent internet access is a high demand for your overall college experience. In addition to traditional wired internet connections, every room in each of our residential buildings are completely wireless. Students provide their own computers.

If you're planning to use the wired internet, you will need a RJ-45 Ethernet cable to connect to the wall jack. You will then need to create an account, details below. 

If you're planning to use the wireless internet, you will need to create an account in order to access the Internet, details below. The creation of accounts not only secures our network, but it allows you to manage which of your devices have access to the internet. Wireless routers are not needed to connect to the wireless internet. Using a personal wireless router will not help with Internet speed and will interfere with building wireless signals. Personal routers are not allowed.

How to Create an Internet Account

Once you’ve arrived on campus, follow these steps to get connected:

To get online with your laptop, phone or tablet:

  1. Connect to “MyResNet-5G” or “MyResNet-2G”.
  2. Enter the default wireless password/key: internet
  3. Sign up for a new account or login to your existing account.
  4. Forget “MyResNet-5G” or “MyResNet-2G” network on your device.
  5. Reconnect to “MyResNet-5G” or “MyResNet-2G” using your new password.

To add your gaming console, smart speaker or other device:

  1. Connect to “MyResNet-5G” or “MyResNet-2G” on your laptop, phone or tablet.
  2. Open a web browser and go to:
  3. Log in to your account and select “Devices” at the top of the home page.
  4. Enter the MAC address or Wi-Fi address of the device and select “Add”.
  5. Connect your device to “MyResNet-5G” or “MyResNet-2G” using your password.

If you have additional questions, please refer to the Get Connected Guide.

Internet Support

If you need any help registering or connecting your devices, an Apogee-MyResNet support representative is available 24 hours a day to assist you. 

  • Call MyResNet support at 855-465-6729
  • Email
  • Text ResNet to 84700
  • Chat live at

Internet Security

In order to provide a stable and secure network environment for all of our customers, please note that we do not allow the operation of servers, web hosting or other services on our network nor do we allow commercial transactions (i.e. running a business) to be conducted over our networks.

Details on these policies can be found online:


Each residence hall has washers and dryers available for resident use at no additional cost. 

Clean & Green: Water & Energy-Efficient Washers and Dryers

The Energy Star® rated, high-efficiency machines installed on campus clean effectively, help save time, and are gentle on both your clothes and the environment! High-efficiency, front-loading machines hold more clothes and use less water than conventional laundry equipment saving you time and energy. For best results, use only 2 tbsp of concentrated HE detergent; it’s specially formulated for high-efficiency machines.

Need Laundry Help?

Do you have a stubborn stain?  Need a refresher or a complete laundry education? Check out The Campus Clothes Line®, an interactive resource for all things laundry including laundry instructions and advice, stain tips, videos, prizes and more!


LaundryView shows you an online 3D view of your laundry room and lets you check the status of machines without setting foot outside of your room. With LaundryView® Text Alerts you can request that each machine send you a text message when your cycle is compete. LaundryView Mobile puts the laundry room in the palm of your hand!  Use your smartphone to scan the dedicated QR code posted in your laundry room or visit from your phone’s web browser. With LaundryView, doing laundry is easier than ever!

Customer Care Support

If a machine in any community laundry room (excluding apartment units with private machines) isn’t working properly, you can report a service problem through this website. This, in conjunction with precise auto-dispatch technology, provides a direct link to your campus service technician so the problem can be addressed quickly. If a machine in apartment units with private machines isn't working properly, submit an online maintenance request through our Maintenance Request Portal.

Lighten the Load™ Environmental Initiative

Through participation in the Lighten the Load environmental initiative, the laundry rooms on campus are carbon neutral!  The Lighten the Load initiative is designed to raise environmental awareness and offsets 100% of the carbon emissions from the laundry rooms on campus. Over 84 million pounds of CO2 emissions from participating campuses across the country have been offset through investments in methane-destruction projects provided by (All offset projects meet ACUPCC standards.) So every time you use the campus laundry facilities you can feel good about being clean today and green tomorrow.

Residents in all of our halls enjoy mail delivery direct to their building. Mail is picked up from and delivered to each residential area Monday through Friday except when the University is closed. Mail will be delivered to the box in your hall/area that corresponds with your room/suite/apartment number. You will receive either a mailbox key or a combination to your mailbox when you check in.

If residents receive packages via U.S. Postal Service that are too large to fit in their mailbox, they can pick them up from the secure holding areas provided by Campus Mail Services and University Receiving.

Outgoing campus or US mail may be placed in the outgoing mail slot, located in the mailbox area.

Packages sent via United Parcel Service (UPS), Federal Express (FedEx), DHL and similar carriers are sent to the university's Central Receiving. Students will be notified via both their UNC Charlotte student email account and that a package awaits their arrangements for pick-up.

Need to send a letter or package? The address format for all of our buildings is:

Resident Name
Residence Hall Name, Room Number
9201 University City Boulevard
Charlotte, NC 28223

When ordering, if there are only 3 lines for the address, include your residence hall and OMIT the 9201 University City Boulevard

Resident Name
Residence Hall Name, Room Number

Charlotte, NC 28223

An Important Note About UNC Charlotte Official Communications:

Almost all of the University and Housing communication with students is electronic.

One of the main avenues for sharing information with residents is the housing website you are currently visiting. Residents should check the website regularly for information and updates related to policies, important dates, major processes (room selection, closing, health and safety inspections, etc.), and events.

Additionally, Housing communicates with residents via their official university email (** and their on campus mailboxes. Residents are responsible for checking these frequently.

Students wishing to protect their belongings from the possibility of loss should obtain appropriate insurance coverage. Some residents may be covered under their parents' existing homeowner's or renter's policy. Check with your personal insurance company for more information. 

All of our residential areas offer snack and drink vending machines. There are no change machines. Students can use money deposited on their 49er Card in the vending machines.


  • Belk Hall - Third Floor (adjacent to main office)
  • Elm Hall - (use Oak or Maple machines)
  • Greek Village - (near mail box kiosk)
  • Hawthorn Hall - Basement Level (near the Kitchen)
  • Holshouser Hall - First Floor (behind elevators)
  • Hunt Hall - First Floor (to the left of first floor suite doors)
  • Laurel Hall- First Floor (near the Gaming Area)
  • Levine Hall- First Floor (in lobby near community kitchen)
  • Lynch Hall - First Floor (down hall past main office)
  • Maple Hall - First Floor (adjacent to laundry facility)
  • Martin Hall - First Floor (off main lobby)
  • Miltimore Hall - First Floor (off main lobby)
  • Oak Hall - First Floor (lobby area)
  • Pine Hall - (use Oak or Maple machines)
  • Sanford Hall - Basement Level (adjacent to the laundry facility)
  • Scott Hall - Basement Level (near the Laundry Room)
  • Wallis Hall - First, Second, and Third Floors
  • Witherspoon Hall - First Floor (near Room 115)