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Why Live on Campus?

Each year most UNC Charlotte freshmen, and many transfer students and upperclassmen choose to live on campus. Here are a few reasons why living on campus is your best choice:


National research indicates that living on campus contributes to greater overall satisfaction with and success in college. Our own research shows these national trends hold true at UNC Charlotte. Students living on campus:

  • are more satisfied with their living environments;

  • are more likely to graduate and to enter graduate school;

  • meet more diverse people;

  • are exposed to a wider range of ideas and cultures;

  • develop greater artistic interests;

  • develop strong interpersonal skills;

  • finish college in less time;

  • have more contact with faculty and other students;

  • are more likely to have greater self esteem.


Living on campus puts you within walking distance of your classes, labs, libraries, lightrail, theaters, concerts, art galleries and sports facilities. You will save hours weekly by living on campus - time used to your academic and social advantage. Additionally, Dining Services offers personalized dining options for the ultimate in value and convenience. There are a number of dining locations throughout campus, including traditional dining halls, convenience stores and specialty restaurants.


Living on campus plays an important part in higher Grade Point Averages (GPAs). A review of UNC Charlotte students' cumulative GPAs over the years shows that students who live on campus have higher average GPAs than those students living off campus. Why does living on campus help raise GPAs? Here are just a few reasons:

  • You will have the chance to live with people of common interest and majors.

  • You will have wired and wireless Internet service in your room.

  • Additionally, wireless Internet access throughout the residence halls turns any lounge into a convenient study space.

  • All Residence Halls observe nightly quiet hours to create an environment conducive to studying.

  • Residence Hall staff members organize programs that enhance and develop necessary skills for academic success.

  • Tutoring and/or study groups are available in many Residence Halls.


Our impressive residential facilities will provide you with the on campus living environment you need to support all of your collegiate endeavors. Trained residence hall and facilities staff are available around-the-clock to respond to any situations that may arise. Live-in staff members provide a web of support for students living on campus, and our maintenance and facilities staff work tirelessly to ensure that you are provided with a well-maintained and comfortable on campus home.


Living on campus will provide you with many opportunities to take the lead. By taking the lead on campus, you will be prepared to be an active leader in your career and community.

Residence Hall Councils are the student-run governing bodies in the Residence Halls. Getting involved with Hall Council is a great way for you to meet others and develop leadership skills. Hall Councils help plan educational and social activities, recommend improvements, and advise on policy issues.

The Resident Students Association (RSA) is the governing body for all the halls. RSA is an excellent way to meet new people, plan campus activities, and develop strong leadership skills.

You can also get involved in many volunteer service projects or apply for one of the over 150 student employment positions provided by Housing and Residence Life.


Make friends and broaden your horizons.

By walking down the hall, you will meet people from all around the world. You'll form study groups and join intramural teams. It will not take long to make new friends and memories that will last a lifetime.

Opportunities for involvement is one of the many advantages of on campus living. Movies, field trips, parties, theatrical and musical performances, workshops, guest speakers, sports and impromptu gatherings are just a few of the many activities waiting for you and your friends. Residence Hall staff and students host social, cultural, and educational programs to enrich the quality of life.

We encourage you to take advantage of these opportunities. Your participation and involvement will help you create an environment where friendships flourish, new experiences abound and people feel at home.


When you live on campus, you will find competitive prices for housing and meals without the hassle of utility bills, first/last month's rent, or having to sublet your apartment over the summer. All of your bills, for each semester, are included in single fee charged to your student account. There are no surprise expenses and no chasing down roommates for their part of the rent. Bottom line: you won't find a better value-added experience for the money.