Move-Out Guide

Check-Out Process

The easiest way to check out is to place your keys in an Express Check Out envelope and return the envelope to the Express Check Out Box near the REC office. Please review the Move-Out Guide below before checking out.

If you have already left your residence hall and are residing elsewhere, we ask that you not return to campus to retrieve any or all of the belongings in your room. We will provide further information as we receive it. 

Move-Out Check List

  • Bedroom
    • Remove all belongings from room
    • Take all trash and recyclables to trash room
    • Vacuum floor
    • Double check that all drawers/cabinets are empty
    • Close and lock bedroom window(s)
    • Clean all surfaces (desk, dresser, etc.)
  • Kitchen
    • Take all trash and recyclables to trash room
    • All drawers/cabinets are empty
    • Clean all kitchen appliances
    • Sweep/Mop floor
  • Bathroom
    • Scrub shower/shower curtain/toilet
    • Scrub bathroom sink and counters
    • Clean bathroom mirror
    • Sweep/Mop floor
  • Living Room
    • Return all original furniture to unit
    • Recycle bin & trash can are clean/present
    • Vacuum floor
    • Dust/clean all surfaces

Disposal of Trash

As you dispose of trash, please take it to the trash room or the dumpster. Any garbage left in rooms, hallways or outside of trash rooms will result in the area being charged. Please help out the housekeepers and clean up after yourself!

Parking Information

Parking and Transportation Services offers the following tips to help ensure a safe and pleasant move-out experience for everyone.

  • Use designated loading areas only—do not park or stand along roadways, in bus lanes, on sidewalks, or in the grass. If you are not sure of the designated loading area for your building, contacts PaTS at 704- 687-0161 for direction.
  • Pack all of your things before moving your vehicle into a loading zone, and then load everything into the vehicle at once. Vehicles will be allowed 15 minutes in the loading zones. Call PaTS at 704-687-0161 for permission before moving your vehicle into the loading zone.
  • Please load quickly and then move your vehicle out of the loading zone. Remember there are a lot of other people that have to move out too!
  • Please DO NOT block, park, or stand in Handicap or Reserved spaces for any amount of time without the appropriate credentials. This includes while loading, even if the vehicle is attended and/or running. These spaces carry a fine of up to $250.
  • Anyone using a trailer or box truck should contact the PaTS office (704-687-0161) for additional information.

Damage/Cleaning Charges

You must return your room to its original configuration: all furniture must be returned and in the correct room, and all parts of the room must be cleaned. The RAs and REC/GA determines damages based on the information written on the room condition report (RCR), you were given at check-in. If the damage was not documented on the RCR at check in, all occupants may be charged for the damage.

To clarify who is responsible for any damage, use the Cleaning & Damage Responsibility Form. You can get this form from your RA or from the area office. If all roommates agree and sign the form with the specifics listed, it allows us to charge only the responsible and appropriate residents. For instance, if each person assumes a different task for cleaning, and the floor is not clean when we come to inspect, only the resident who agreed to clean the floor will be charged!


Please submit a Change of Address form to ensure that all your mail and packages get to you!